When asked, 80% of businesses say that professional printing sets them apart from their competitors. Your customers, especially first-time customers, will form an instant opinion of your product. For better or worse, that impression will usually be greatly influenced by your product packaging. The right packaging solutions, combined with laser-sharp digital commercial printing, can make all the difference.

However, if you’re new to the world of cardboard packaging, you may be wondering why investing in custom packaging solutions for printed cardboard boxes is so important. After all, it’s just a needless expense for what will ultimately be a disposable item — right?

Wrong. Even though packaging solutions may seem like an afterthought, what’s on your boxes says a lot about your brand. Read on to find out how much of a difference this investment can make.

1. Make a Statement

Your printed packaging material offers a unique opportunity for you to express what your brand is all about. It’s like your business’s signature, or thumbprint. When you create a design to go on the side of your product’s boxes, even if it’s a simple logo, you have a chance to show off your brand’s values and culture to the world.

There are several perks to showing off your business’s branding this way. First, it builds excitement among your customers from the moment they spot your package at their doorstep. It also sends a secondary message to others who see your packaging. People are highly drawn to art and imagery, so a custom printed box is a lot more engaging than a blank one.

In short, printed shipping boxes are like a low-cost form of advertising — everywhere your product gets shipped, your branding goes, too. That means your brand will leave its mark on shipping and handling personnel, as well as your customers and their neighbors.

2. Tell Your Story to Get More Orders

Besides looking more attractive to existing customers, your branded packaging will reach new potential customers as well. Your website address, logo, slogan, and contact info can all be included in a printed box design. You can even feature QR codes in your designs, which arouse curiosity and make people want to find out what will happen when they scan them with their smartphones.

3. Stick in the Minds of Retailers

If your boxes are primarily being shipped to retail stores for resale through a third party, the boxes themselves may never be seen by your end customer. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t get value out of custom printing.

Retailers appreciate custom printed boxes because it makes specific packages easier to find in warehouses. If your design is engaging enough, it will also cause your brand to have a positive impression on retail staff, who could go on to become your new customers. Finally, it isn’t unheard of for retailers to put shipped packages directly onto the sales floor, especially if the box art effectively communicates what’s inside. For especially advanced packaging solutions, your product’s shipping boxes can even double as a point-of-display promotion.

4. Avoid Complaints from Misinformation

It’s common for shipping and handling personnel to cause accidental damage because they couldn’t remember what was inside a box. Situations like these can lead to very ugly outcomes, including injuries and wasted merchandise. You can avoid these potential problems altogether by printing handling information right on the box — package weight, handling instructions, item sensitivity, shipping information, and more — all in big, bold text. This makes package printing both attractive and functional, and thus it can actually save your business money in the long run.

Never Miss A Chance To Promote Your Brand

Ultimately, sharp product packaging design and digital commercial printing is just common sense. Your business should always be on the lookout for new, cost-effective ways to promote your brand to new customers. That’s why placing a big, bold logo on your shipping boxes just makes sense for your business.

And there you have it — our top four reasons why print and packaging solutions are a good idea for your business and brand. From catching the attention of workers en route to its shipping destination, to preventing accidents from a lack of information, the benefits of custom printing are numerous.