Whether you fulfill hundreds of online orders every day or dozens of online orders every month, packaging and shipping are a crucial part of your marketing strategy. This is the last form of contact you will likely have with your customer for this transaction, so why not make it powerful? That’s why you should use printed corrugated boxes to send a final message to the customer: we want your continued business.

Here’s why investing in printed boxes with commercial graphics and signage is essential to your business:

Commercial Graphics And Signage Are Important

People typically remember notable aspects of their shopping experiences: customer service, friendly logos, and a smooth shopping experience. Everything customers see about your company is a part of your company’s commercial graphics and signage. After all, they represent your brand. And every opportunity you have to put your brand in front of people is an opportunity to gain new or recurring business. From their very first visit to your website to the printed corrugated boxes in which they receive their merchandise, every aspect of your customer’s experience is an opportunity for your company to show off your commercial graphics and signage.

Marketing Can Be Expensive

Every business owner knows that good marketing can be costly. Some businesses spend over $100 per customer to acquire their business, also known as the customer acquisition cost (CAC). Other companies may spend less than $10 per customer to gain new business. Smart businesses know that it’s essential to leverage every opportunity to get your brand in front of your customer. That includes your packaging solutions.

For a marginal amount, your business can get printed packaging material that will touch a dozen or more hands before it finally reaches your customer. Every hand it passes through is an opportunity to gain another customer, just by having clear, concise, and charming design on your print and packaging solutions.

Custom Packaging Promotes Your Brand

It doesn’t matter if you’re representing a multimillion-dollar corporation or a small business: promoting your company’s brand should be your number one focus behind customer service and quality products. In 2018, American consumers spent around $517 billion online just shopping with U.S. merchants. That’s a LOT of printed packaging material. Custom packaging puts your company’s name back in the hands of your customer, serving as a final reminder of who your company is and why they should shop with you again. Digital commercial printing can help your business grow, not just through increasing the chances of recurring business, but also through the many people that will see your custom packaging along the way.

Commercial graphics and signage are an important part of reinforcing your brand and leveraging potential customers. Printed cardboard boxes add the final touch that says, “we are here, and we want your business!” Don’t miss out on an opportunity to offer your customer’s a unique, fun way to receive their merchandise. Don’t hesitate to contact Gemini North America today.