Printing pictures on items is nothing new; it dates back to the 1400s. People have been printing business t-shirts, ball pens, laptops covers, and other items as a form of signage display for decades, as well. But one thing stands out: printing on packaging.

Unless you are in the service industry, the need for packaging is always present. You will need to package the customers’ goods properly. And if you are like most businesses, you probably have an online platform. Deliveries for online sales require proper packaging to prevent damage during shipment.

Packaging can act as a platform for brand promotion and a medium of passing a message across to the consumer. And unlike billboards and television ads, it is cost-friendly.

What is package printing?

The concept of printed packaging material is nothing new. You have more than likely come across printed cardboard boxes or printed corrugated boxes of certain brands.

Most packaging printing companies will use the following technologies to produce signage display on packages.

1. Lithography or Offset

This is a popular type of bulk printing. In this case, the manufacturer uses printing plates or rollers for lithography.

They ink the plates and press them on the paper for printing. For the rollers, the manufacturer exposes an emulsion of ultraviolet light on them, producing the negative of the image. It provides high-quality work with more than four-color processes.

Lithography is commonly used in printing folding cartons for cosmetic and electronic products, as well as food packaging. It also produces labels.

2. Flexography (Flexo)

Although this is a common technology in making standup pouches, it can work on corrugated boxes. The manufacturer prepares a 3D relief which they mount on a roller to print the graphic.

The flexo method is also good for printing on shipper boxes and primary retail packaging. It can use both water and oil-based inks. It is an affordable option with a fast turnaround time.

3. Inkjet Printing

Also known as digital printing, expect to find this technology on small scale projects involving corrugated boxes, folding cartons, labels, and prototypes.

Digital printing is the process by which data, — texts and images — is transferred from a digital storage device to a printing substrate. It uses a tool that is capable of processing graphic and text output.

This is another affordable option with fast turnaround time.

4. Rotogravure

Folding cartons and stand-up pouches use the rotogravure process. A metal cylinder engraved with the image transfers ink into a substrate.

The metal cylinder presses the substrate onto a gravure cylinder, which is smeared with ink, producing the required image.

This method produces high quality and long-lasting prints with calibrated colors.

5. Silk screen

This printing technique uses a polymer mesh to transfer ink onto a substrate. The mesh makes some areas impermeable to the ink. A squeegee transfers the ink through the mesh and onto the surface.

The technique is common in printing folding cartons, labels, and prototypes. It requires low set up costs and can work on small volumes.

Why You Should Use Signage Display on Your Packaging

Custom packaging involving signage display is a cost-efficient way to create brand awareness. You can add your logo, tagline, or any message you wish to pass across through digital packaging printing.

When you use printed packaging material to ship items to customers, your customer can easily differentiate and recognize your product.

The uniqueness of your packaging means that your loyal customers can point out your product in a retailer shop and differentiate it from competitor products.

You could also use package printing to display contact information, your website, locations, and any information that can help the customer when re-ordering.

In Conclusion

If you are keen on marketing your brand and making it stand out from the competition, an easy way is through the printed packaging material. The packaging acts as a signage display and creates brand awareness while building loyalty.

Consult with a company that provides package printing services on the best printing technology to use for your business, and your brand is sure to grow.