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The Digital Solution

Minimal Tooling Expense

With our digital process, we eliminate the need for expensive print plates. You’re able to gang run parts on the same sheet to also lower the number of cutting dies used for your project.

Environmentally Friendly Process

Printing directly to the substrate eliminates the need for additional paper in the form of litho printed labels. You can also eliminate the use of adhesive to apply those labels. This dramatically reduces the amount of paper consumed as well as water.

Faster Turnaround Times

Our machines have the ability to go from finished art files to printing in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks with traditional analog printing. All this helps you decrease your turn times for clients and get your product to market faster than your competition.

Customization of Print

Multiple designs, variable data, gang runs for efficiency, these are all available to our customers through our digital process. You can now do these things with little to no additional cost.

Inventory Reduction

With digital, there is no need to order ahead because of long lead times. You don’t need to commit to higher run quantities than you need to get to a better price point. You can now free up that capital to work for you in other areas of your business.

Eliminate Obsolete Inventory

Now you can order to your current needs. There is no need for large commitments that could be affected by you or your customers changing needs. You run only what you want, when you want with no worry about possible needs for print changes.

Efficiency & Waste Management

Our presses use various tools and built in funcionalities that make is easy to get your job on the press, control waste and reduce downtime. Coupled with in-line conversion this results in your job getting completed faster and out the door when you need it at a lower cost to you.

Pre-print Direct to print Our Printers
Needs litho labels Yes No No No labels
Needs print plates No Yes Yes No plates
Changeover with creative change Yes Yes Yes No changeover
Proof variance risk Yes Yes Yes No Variance
Final art to press 7-10 Days 3-4 Weeks 7-10 Days Hours to press
Material waste 12-15% 8-10% 8-10% Under 1%

Our Printers

With print shops located in eight states, it is much more cost effective for you to print in a location close to where your printed packaging and signs need to go.

Save money on printing of displays, packaging and signage with Gemini