Are you aware that humans have been printing pictures on to items since the fifteenth century? Though it was elementary at first and used primarily for printing religious images and playing cards, printing has evolved. It now relies on a sophisticated process that plays a vital role in many industries.

For businesses, the appearance of their products and packaging can influence sales. As such, digital packaging printing has become a necessity for companies looking to set their brand apart from competitors.

Here are some of the benefits of digital packaging printing:

1. Fast Turnaround

Delivery speed is critical when it comes to retaining a competitive edge in the current business landscape. With digital commercial printing, businesses do not have to wait weeks for large printed packaging material orders to be fulfilled.

This is because the technology does not use manual pre-press procedures that take ages to set. In fact, you only need a PDF file with the design to start the process. This makes it much faster. It also enables companies to test different designs and sizes on printed corrugated boxes, the primary packaging material used by most businesses.

2. Color Accuracy

Research shows that the visual appeal of products affects customer purchase decisions. Therefore, improving the aesthetics of products and packaging can boost sales. Digital packaging printing can mimic the pan-tone color spectrum by up to 97% and allows you to adjust the color and properties of commercial graphics and signage to mirror human vision.

Additionally, the high-quality printers used can produce high-quality images with a wide range of fonts, color hues, and on various substrates.

3. Savings Upon Savings

In addition to the fast turnaround time, digital packaging printing is also cost-friendly. This is because you will not incur any additional printing set up or plate costs. Therefore, businesses can also opt for small print runs which would usually cost more with traditional methods.

With digital packaging printing, there is no wait time to take products to market due to long waiting times for labels. This way, you can keep generate money from consumers faster and faster.

4. Improved Brand Protection

Branding is an integral part of a business. It is how you distinguish your company from competitors and makes a lasting impression on your customers. A good branding strategy will help you create a loyal customer base that will purchase from your company time and time again.

Therefore, it is important to protect your brand. If you’re particularly successful, competitors will try eating into your market base by imitating your products and packaging. Relying on a digital commercial printing machine can add features, micro texts, and marks on your design that are almost impossible to replicate.

As such, it will be easier for your customers to distinguish between your original product and replicas. This will not only protect your reputation as a brand, but it will also safeguard your business from losing sales to imitators.

5. Good for the Environment

The chemicals, inks, and pre-press procedures of manual printing have adverse effects on the environment. Though ink is still used in digital printing, these other steps are eliminated, thus reducing the toll on the environment.

6. Greater Flexibility

In comparison with traditional printing, digital packaging printing offers greater flexibility with the range of packaging materials that can be used. This is because restrictive plates are not a part of the digital packaging printing process, thus allowing the creation of both flexible and rigid media. In addition to printed cardboard boxes, digital printing can be used on wood, metal, cotton, plastic, and even clear film used for packaging foods and fruits.


Creating the perfect packaging design is a process that takes time and constant corrections. Digital print and packaging solutions afford you the luxury of making minor changes instantly and in a cost-effective manner.

When you’re ready to make your packaging stand out, rely on the expertise of Gemini North America.