E-commerce is big business. In 2018 alone, online consumers spent nearly $520 billion with U.S. merchants alone. Consequently, just about everyone is familiar with corrugated cardboard, even if they don’t know its name. Corrugated cardboard is the material of choice for packaging for e-commerce. There are many reasons for this, including the following:


Protects Goods

The primary purpose of using corrugated cardboard for packaging for e-commerce is to protect goods. Corrugated cardboard includes a fluted or ruffled corrugated sheet that is sandwiched between two flat sheets. As most people have experienced, a corrugated sheet resists bending and crushing, adding much-need reinforcement to protect your goods. Likewise, while cardboard is not waterproof, corrugated cardboard resists water better than cardboard sheets because more water is required to saturate three sheets than a single sheet. Finally, the fluted layer of corrugated cardboard resists damage due to impacts and cushions the contents of the box by acting as a shock absorber.

This protects the goods from becoming damaged during shipping. Not only does this lead to happier customers, but it also saves you money by reducing returns.


Ensures Quality

When sealed with plastic tape and filled with packing material, packaging for e-commerce preserves the quality of your products. A large part of your business’ reputation is the quality of your goods. However, once those goods leave your fulfillment center, they spend a long time out of your hands before they reach your customers. Your packaging solutions are the only way to ensure the quality of the goods is preserved for the long-haul.

For example, certain goods, like food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals, must be protected from humidity in the air and moisture, extreme heat and cold, and even pests. Although being exposed to humidity or extreme temperatures would not be enough to justify a product return, it may degrade the quality of your products to the point that you could lose that customer forever.


Reduces Waste

One of the most important benefits of corrugated cardboard is that it helps to reduce waste. In fact, corrugated cardboard is one of the most readily recycled products. Cardboard can be shredded, pulped, and remade into paper products such as paper, cardboard, and packing material. Recycling cardboard:

  1. Conserves trees used to make paper pulp
  2. Lowers energy consumption, since paper products made using recycled pulp require 25% less energy to produce
  3. Eliminates waste by preventing cardboard from going into landfills
  4. Reduces carbon footprint through lower energy consumption and preservation of trees

Promotes Branding

Printed packaging material, such as printed corrugated boxes, provides your business with custom packaging that is unique to your business. More importantly, your printed corrugated boxes will, by necessity, be viewed by your most promising sales leads: namely, your existing customers.

For this reason, custom packaging is a golden opportunity to promote your brand. Printing your name, logo, or tag line on your packaging for e-commerce will raise your brand awareness with your customers. By raising brand awareness, you solidify your company in the minds of your customers so they come back.

Provide Information

Depending on your industry, the information provided on packaging for e-commerce may include instructions, ingredients, or product warnings. For certain types of products, such as food, drugs, and cosmetics, this information may be mandated by government regulations. In other cases, this information may be precautionary to ensure the safety of your customers and the safe use of your products.

There are certain benefits to printing on the packaging for e-commerce. Because shipping boxes are usually larger than the products contained inside, they provide a larger surface for printing information. This allows you to print using a larger type, which can benefit everyone, particularly senior customers. Alternatively, this can allow you to include more information or present graphical information that might not fit on product inserts.

Packaging for e-commerce serves many functions. When you’re ready to invest in your business, rely on Gemini for the best in U.S. packaging.